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Welcome to Morehouse School of Medicine’s Crowdfunding platform, where students, faculty and staff members, and researchers can raise money to turn their great ideas into reality. As our program develops, we're looking to find out the kinds of projects you would like to help make happen. If you like the ideas you see on this site, please let us know by supporting them and sharing with your networks.

Applications are now being accepted for projects to crowdfund. Before applying, please review our crowdfunding procedures.

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Eligible Projects: Are affiliated with MSM and Morehouse Healthcare; have a sponsoring MSM department, program or center, in which donations can be deposited into; consist of project leaders that are willing to create and market promotion materials before, during and after the campaign; and gain approval by submitting an application and project pitch before the next round’s deadline.If you have any questions, contact Michele Thomas at 404-752-1086 or email mthomas@msm.edu.


Morehouse School of Medicine FAQ

What is MSM Crowdfunding?

MSM Crowdfunding is an online fundraising tool created by the Morehouse School of Medicine that allows individuals and organizations to create and share fundraising campaigns with an engaged community. The MSM Crowdfunding platform can empower the entire MSM community to come together and create lasting impact on projects they may be interested in or care about.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of sourcing small contributions from a large number of people to provide funding for a particular project or campaign, usually via the Internet.

How does MSM Crowdfunding work?

Selected MSM students, faculty, and staff have created separate fundraising campaigns for a particular project with a specific funding goal and project completion timeline. In some cases, a 2 particular project may offer an intangible (non-monetary value) reward in exchange for support. Supporters can contribute to the project financially.

Who can contribute to MSM Crowdfunding?

Anyone! Contributions to projects can be made by any individual or organization inside or outside of the MSM community.



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