2024 MSM Giving Day

MSM Giving Day is May 17-18!

MSM Giving Day is a 24-hour, institution-wide day of giving and a chance for alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends to make a collective IMPACT on Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM). It is a day to support the area of the institution you are most passionate about, whether your passion is for scholarships, programs, or the President's Innovation Fund (MSM's annual fund).

During the second annual MSM Giving Day, we have set the lofty goal of getting 100 donors to give. The gift - no matter the size of the donation - will help us deliver on our mission to advance health equity by preparing culturally competent and culturally representative healthcare leaders. Every gift makes an IMPACT, especially when we give together.

Join us on or before Friday, May 17 for MSM Giving Day. Your generosity and the IMPACT of your gift will last well beyond that day, allowing MSM to do what we do best—developing a diverse scientific workforce that is equipped to drive health equity, for our nation and the world.